Shiftland Tales Vol. 1 Tentacles [Audiobook]

Shiftland Tales 1 Audiobookby H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills

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No one knows what really happened on that summer day a year ago, but the world has gone straight to Hell since.

Matt, Johnny, Kent, and Steve have made their way through the Midwestern Wasteland to an abandoned farmhouse that looks almost too good to be true. The kitchen is fully-stocked, and the locks on the doors will hold against intruders. The men settle in for the first good night’s sleep they’ve had in months. They don’t get it.

Mixing their distinctive style of breath control and encasement erotica with more than a little horror, H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills return with a new collaboration. These two short stories build a new world, where sex and death can be one and the same.

These two stories feature breath control, encasement, peril play, oral, anal (and other!) gay sex.

Jason’s Mummification [Audiobook]

Jason's Mummification Audioby H. K. Kiting

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What if your lover asks you at the breakfast table to mummify him? That’s what happens to Steve and Jason.

Jason wants to be encased in plastic wrap and duct tape with no possibility of escape. He longs to be completely covered except for two small, yet strategically placed holes (one is for his nose).

Steve jumps at the opportunity to wrap his lover. For the next hour, he traps and then torments Jason with increasingly longer forced breath holds.

Where will it end? Will Jason get more than he bargained for?

Find out in this gay tale of extreme bondage, breath control, and erotic release.

The Trial

The Trial 1563x2500By H. K. Kiting

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Cody has chosen to leave his old life behind as he plans to rendezvous with his new master Zeke. He’s been ordered to tell no one where he will be going, and Cody knows how to follow instructions. Zeke has said he will take complete possession of him. Or will he?

Zeke has explained to Cody that he must endure four “trials,” somehow involving fire, air, water, and earth. There are to be four peril play scenarios, all under Zeke’s control.

Will Cody survive these trials and please Zeke at the same time? Find out in this gay adult tale of domination, breath control, sex, and romance.

Writing and Publishing Erotica #26: The Grand Finale!

SexyFicPodcastThis time around, the guys discuss what they’ve been up to and answer questions from a longtime listener concerning point of view, writing group sex, and explaining why they got into this in the first place.

They also make a major announcement concerning the fate of the show.

Tune in to find out!

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Darwin’s Dominatrix 1: The Meetup

Darwins Dominatrix 1 1563x2500by Dean Chills

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Darwin’s been working the online chatrooms, and he thinks he’s found a winner. Stacy is a professional Dominatrix, or so she claims. After an online correspondence and quick meetup, the two go back to Stacy’s suburban home for a “trial run.”

Darwin has told Stacy that his fantasy involves breath holding and water, and he’s not sure what she has in mind until she shows him her large secluded in-ground swimming pool… and a bag of bondage toys.

How far will these two go? Will Darwin even survive the weekend, much less have a good time? Find out in this short tale of bondage, breath control, sex, and peril play.

My Turn in the Barrel [Audiobook]

My Turn in the Barrel Audio 2400x2400by H. K. Kiting

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A sexual Slave, typing while restrained in an airtight chamber, must write a narrative of the day’s events before his air runs out. Can he focus enough to carry out his assignment? Master, a wealthy and powerful man, took him to a construction site earlier and subjected him to the most complete bondage imaginable: cement encasement. Once Slave was helpless, he was just an object to be used by Master to satisfy his sexual needs. He thought that Master was done tormenting him for the day, but it turns out a Slave’s duty is never really over.

Can Slave complete his task in time? Even if he does, will Master save him? This gay adult tale contains peril play, breath control, masturbation, forced oral sex, and over-the-top bondage.

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