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Podcast Episode 12: Sales and Making Money

From this episode of the podcast:


Episode 12: Sales and Money

Henry: Let’s check the mailbag.

Michael wrote in way back in July and asked:

Hey guys,

Just found the podcast last week and I have listened to all the episodes already.  I’m impatiently waiting for the next episode.

Just a question for the show, as an unpublished author who is considering writing erotica, I’m interested in what the likely hood of making a living from erotica is.  I understand that you’ve mentioned the price of $2.99 selling more copies than cheaper listings, but how many sales do you average per book per month?  Did writing 20+ books increase the number of sales of your older books?  I am interested in how well erotica writing will allow a person to spend the time to work on their other lines of fiction.  I understand you can not guarantee what any other author’s writing will or won’t sell for, but if you can just give ball-park numbers of what you’ve experienced would be really great.

Thank you for your time.


Discussion Points:

  • Are you making a full-time income from Erotica?
  • Do you ever expect to?
  • Is there something you could be doing to make more money?
  • What are your thoughts? Blog comments below!

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Titles mentioned:

Poseidon’s Plaything, by H. K. Kiting
My Second Date with Santa by Dean Chills

Audio (Amazon, Audible, Apple):

Scuba Lessons #1: Pool Time by Dean Chills
Scuba Lessons #2: The Quarry by Dean Chills
Scuba Lessons #3: Going Deeper by Dean Chills

My Turn in the Barrel by H. K. Kiting (Paperback only on Amazon)

Bound for Happiness by Dean Chills
The Biker and the Rose by Dean Chills

The Knock Out

by H. K. Kiting

Buy now from Amazon

Checking into a Vegas hotel alone, Olympic gold medalist Johnny Lewis meets lightweight boxing champion Rico Mendez in the lobby. It turns out the two gay athletes have been fans of each other for quite some time. 
When Rico invites Johnny up to his top-floor suite later, the two of them have a very steamy time in the hot tub. It’s Johnny dominating Rico, but then the tables suddenly turn. 

Johnny finds himself taking the place of Rico’s punching bag, and Rico is aching for a workout. Then Rico grabs a roll of plastic wrap… 

Find out how things end up for the new lovers in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, peril play, breath control, domination and romance.

My Second Date with Santa

Second Date with Santa 200x300by Dean Chills


When Tom runs into Chris, once again playing Santa at the store, he wonders if Chris had a good time when they’d played together last year. He slips the busy Santa a note, and sure enough, he gets a visit that very night.

Join Tom and Chris in their unique brand of holiday fun, involving zip-ties, plastic bags, stretch film, and lube.

Santa may only come once a year, but he really looks forward to it!

(Includes Gay Bondage, mutual masturbation, breath control, and oral sex)

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Plaything for Poseidon

Plaything for Poseidon 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

Buy now from Amazon

Nick is out for a run on a deserted beach when he encounters a handsome man who wants to take his picture. The man introduces himself as Poseidon. He seems to cast an immediate spell over Nick, who can’t get enough of his new friend. When Poseidon lures him to a large box nearby and chains him to the top, Nick quickly realizes he’s literally a captive of the God of the Sea. Once Poseidon has Nick helpless, and the water starts to rise, how far with he push his plaything? Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, breath control, peril play, and complete domination.

Shiftland Tales Volume 2: Wet and Dry: Gay Shapeshifter Erotica

Shiftland Tales 2 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills


Two more erotic shapeshifter tales from the authors of “The Luckiest Man” and the “Rick and Owen Breathplay Series.” In these two short stories, set in the same world as “Shiftland Tales: Tentacles” the spread of the Shifters has continued. The cities are all but uninhabitable, and the survivors have evacuated into the wilderness. Unfortunately, they soon find that the world outside civilization has changed as well.

David travels alone. Running low on supplies, he stops at a beautiful pond to refill his canteen. The area looks safe, so he takes time for a swim. Something out there wants his seed.

Chris has been living in a cave for three months, watching the progression of the fall of Las Vegas. Little does he know that mankind’s absence has allowed older things, long thought to be myths, to return.

Check out these two new erotic tales of apocalyptic horror, where nothing is what it seems.

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