Month: March 2015

Bear and Chaser Go to the Lake

by Dean Chills


Martin’s been looking forward to a relaxing evening at the local lake. He’s worked long and hard today, and all he wants is a relaxing swim once the crowd has gone home.

When an overweight balding man speaks to Martin, he doesn’t really know what to make of the older man’s advances. When the man introduces himself and they go into the water, he soon finds out what the man had in mind.

Will this be a one-evening encounter, or will these two hit it off? Find out in this erotic gay tale of underwater oral and manual sex, breath control, and sex, hidden from the other beachgoers.

Book one in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

The Artist Vol. 1 Silver Skin

by H. K. Kiting

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The Adam Seville Studio is a small place in New York that holds private showings, by invitation only, of the latest work by the artist. Not satisfied with the typical materials used in the art world, Adam incorporates living men into his pieces. It’s interactive, sensual work that makes the model wonder if they are a permanent part of the exhibit. 

In Volume 1 of this series of stand-alone stories, Connor Jackson delivers himself to the studio for a project Adam titles “Silver Skin.” That coloring is just temporary. Isn’t it? 

Enjoy this short gay tale of domination, peril play, sex, bondage, and breath control.

Even More Danger in the Barn

by H.K. Kiting

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After Barry was done tormenting Toby and Keith with breath control, bondage, and sex, he left his business card. “If you want paybacks, give me a call tomorrow morning…” he said. Now in the next installment of the Danger in the Barn series, Toby and Keith take him up on the offer. Barry pays a visit, showing up early with the expectation he can surprise the farmhands again.

Barry soon finds out that he’s the victim this time, and the duo put him through the ringer with stress-position bondage, sex and breath control. Plus they have one final surprise for him.

Will Barry survive the experience?

Find out this gay adult tale, a stand-alone erotica that’s also third in the series.

Dying for the Demon

by Dean Chills

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Elizabeth cannot help but summon Abel for a third and final time. He takes her to an exotic beach, then to a remote cave. They have more impossibly wonderful sex in both places, leading up to a fateful decision. Elizabeth has had a fantastic three days, but is she willing to die for more? 

Find out in this straight erotic tale of an Incubus and the woman who has fallen desperately in love with him. 

Book 3 of the “Demon Trilogy”

Dueling for the Demon

by Dean Chills

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On Elizabeth’s second night with the Demon, Abel needs her help. She must battle the small but powerful witch who wants to destroy him. The battle goes poorly for Elizabeth until Abel is forced to intervene with the only power he has… that of pleasure and delight. 

Will she go too far in this fight? Will she even survive the ordeal? Is it love all around, or will there be a funeral? Find out in this erotic tale of sex and warfare in the realms of Hell itself. 

Book 2 of the “Demon Trilogy”

Dealing with the Demon

by Dean Chills

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When Elizabeth bought her sister a decorative box at a garage sale, she had no idea that it contained a secret. When she accidentally summons a pleasure demon, she’s surprised that he doesn’t scare her. Then he really turns on the charm and things get completely out of control. 

Will Elizabeth lose her soul or just have a good time? Find out in this straight erotic tale of what goes on between a woman and her Incubus. 

Book 1 of the “Demon Trilogy”

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