Month: June 2015

Rising Water

by H. K. Kiting

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Sebastian lures his lover Ben to just where he wants him: chained and helpless on an isolated beach with the tide coming in all too quickly. No one knows where they are, including Ben, and no one will come to his rescue. It’s a dangerous game of trust and domination with only the two of them playing. As the water rises, what will be the outcome? As things progress, Ben’s doubts grow… Is Sebastian really here to pleasure them both, or does he have a more sinister plan in mind?

Find out in this gay adult tale of bondage, sex, romance, and peril play.

The Dig

by H. K. Kiting

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Brent is hired to star in a porn movie with a little different twist: there’s no script.

He shows up at a mysterious, isolated site that serves as the set, and things unfold naturally with a cameraman filming his every move. There’s heavy digging equipment and sexy male “workers” acting as his supporting cast. He and Eli get into some oral action, and then the digging begins.

Brent was warned ahead of time that there would be bondage and peril play, and things get extreme quickly. Restrained and subjected to over-the-top breath control, Brent’s line between reality and acting becomes as blurred as the view through a plastic bag. Find out how the movie ends in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, peril play, breath control, and live burial.

The Warehouse 2: Hung Up

Warehouse Hung Up 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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Drake Holland lands a job in the warehouse of an online retailer, and it isn’t anything like he expects. Instead of actual work, the boss and an assistant are more interested in kinky bondage and sex games. With just the three of them on the night shift in a huge building alone, they get into all kinds of fun in this series of stand-alone tales.

In Volume 2, Drake returns to the night shift to find a shirtless boss and a co-worker eager to play. Hoisted up by their ankles, Drake and Gregory find themselves face to face upside down. Inverted oral action and plastic bags make for some perilous fun on the job.

Find out how things turn out in this short m/m/m tale of peril play, oral sex, bondage, and breath control.

The Artist: Collection

The Artist Collection 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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This edition contains the five individually published stories: Silver Skin, Canvas, Statuary, The Cube, Wired, and the bonus short story The Burrito exclusive to this book.

The Adam Seville Studio is a small place in New York that holds private showings, by invitation only, of the latest work by the artist. Not satisfied with the typical materials used in the art world, Adam incorporates living men into his pieces. It’s interactive, sensual work that makes the model wonder if they are a permanent part of the exhibit.

Connor Jackson delivers himself to the studio for a project Adam titles “Silver Skin.” That coloring is just temporary. Isn’t it?

Connor experiences bondage like nothing he ever has before for Adam’s project called “Canvas.” And once you’re helpless, even something like breathing can be taken out of your hands…

For “Statuary,” Adam enlists Kip to literally be joined with Connor. Adam proves that when it comes to human statues, two is better than one.

Connor is put into over-the-top bondage for “The Cube.” This time though, he’s not just kept on the studio floor. Adam takes him to his upstairs bedroom where things get a kinky start.

For Adam’s project “The Burrito,” Kip and Connor are made one again with bondage and breath control that takes them to the edge of pleasure and fear.

In the series finale, Connor is now living with a listless Adam who seems to have lost his passion for art. Then Adam realizes what he needs is one last exhibit “Wired” – with himself as the model and Connor as the artist.

Enjoy these gay adult tales of sex, bondage, art, peril play, encasement, breath control, and romance.


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