Month: October 2015

Breathing Lessons

Breathing Lessons 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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Logan and Charlie are firemen who like firemen, taking part in a discreet romance while on duty.

After a workout, a dirty shower, and some actual firefighting, they head to Charlie’s place to hang out. Charlie decides it’s time to introduce Logan his favorite kink: breath control. Luckily, they just happen to have their full gear with them, including masks and air tanks. With no neighbors to come to his rescue, Logan puts his life in the hands of his lover as they play.

Charlie wouldn’t push Logan too far, would he? This hot adult erotica contains blue-collar action, romance, breathplay, and bondage.

A Week in the Warehouse

A Week in the Warehouse 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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Drake Holland lands a job in the warehouse of an online retailer, and it isn’t anything like he expects. Instead of actual work, the boss and an assistant are more interested in bondage and sex games with just the three of them on the night shift in a huge building alone.

Join Drake for a week of extreme restraint, breath control, peril play, and sex. Drake, Roy the boss, and his co-worker Gregory put the packing materials and equipment to kinky use in this collection of five short m/m/m tales.

BMX Boys

BMX Boys 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills

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The authors who brought you the Tales From The Compound and Rick And Owen series join forces to create a tale that will leave you breathless.

When Steve’s boss sends him to interview the famous BMX biker, Kyle Fitzsimmons, Steve admits he doesn’t know anything about the sport. He goes anyway, and the two of them decide to complete their interview in Kyle’s lavish apartment

Before long, he discovers that he has a lot more in common with Kyle than he ever imagined, and the two of them end up in the shower. After some kinky play in the water, they head to the living room for more fun. Kyle gets out leather cuffs, puts on a motorcycle helmet, and things really start to get carried away…

Check out this hot gay tale of extreme breath control, oral sex, and peril play.


Complete Rick and Owen Breathplay Books [Audiobook]

Complete Rick and Owen Breathplay AUDIO 2400x2400by Dean Chills

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This book is an anthology of the contents of Books 1-6 of the “Rick and Owen Breathplay” series of books by Dean Chills.

  • Breathless Prisoner
  • It’s A Gas… Mask!
  • All Wrapped Up
  • A Day at the Pool
  • Rick and Owen Hit the Road
  • Rick and Owen Get Hitched

This is the time to get all six books in one volume. Experience the excitement of Rick and Owen as they learn the pleasures of breath control. Bagging, smothering, gas mask play, drowning, burial, mummification, and much more await you in these six complete kinky erotic tales.


Rick and Owen Get Hitched [Audiobook]

Rick and Owen Get Hitched AUDIO 2400x2400 by Dean Chills

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In book six of the series, Rick and Owen have decided to cap their vacation together in St. Augustine by getting married on the way home. They work out the details, and prepare for the big day. They still have a few days to play on the beach, and Owen has always fantasized about being buried alive…

Whether it’s being buried on the beach or tied to a footstool and bagged, these guys never miss an opportunity for some action– Even when there are unwelcome visitors!

Between bouts of bondage, Rick and Owen work through their doubts and concerns about their wedding… Until Rick’s old boyfriend turns up. Will the whole thing fall apart?

Warning : Contains Male-on-male oral sex, Burial, Mutual masturbation, and adult situations.

On The Fence

On the Fence 1563x2500 (1)by H. K. Kiting

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Master Frank has a guest locked in the back yard cage. It’s Angelo, who is hoping to become a man in service. The problem is that Cisco is already a long-time house slave. Is Angelo going to join the household or replace him?

Frank puts Angelo to the test to find out what he’s made of. Follow the sadistic fun that answers the question of what Angelo can take and what he can give.

This gay adult tale in two parts contains romance, bondage, sex, breath control, and peril play.


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