Month: February 2016

Buried Love [Audiobook]

Buried Love Audiobook 2400x2400by H. K. Kiting

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Is love enough to survive on when you don’t have any air?

Jimmy and Alan are in a loving, committed relationship. They are also into sex, breath control, and bondage.

One morning after a hot breakfast, Alan takes Jimmy out in the desert for “something special”.

Alan assures Jimmy that he loves him and will never let anything happen to him. When he finds out that the surprise is being buried alive with only a breathing tube connecting him to the surface, he starts to wonder.

This gay adult tale contains romance, bondage, sand burial, breath control, and overwhelming orgasms.



Dinner Theater

Dinner Theater 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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Pumped and perfect, Mason and his lover Hugo are fresh off the contest stage when a rich stranger approaches them with an offer. Pierce is a fan of Mason’s bondage porn work from his earlier days and wants him to perform for a dinner party at Pierce’s house, along with Hugo.

Mason was hoping to leave those days behind, but the payment offered is just too much to refuse. The next night they show up for an evening of sexy peril play, all staged with a safe word. But there’s a fine line between fantasy and reality, as the two muscle hunks learn when they are steadily pushed to their limits and beyond.

Find out how the show ends in this gay adult tale of breath control, voyeurism, and kink.

The Boardroom

The Boardroom 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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Phillip heads to the boardroom expecting all his staff to be there. Instead, his three former lovers are waiting. They’ve arranged a special meeting for just the four of them.

With the building to themselves, Phillip soon learns that they don’t have business on their mind. Once he’s tied up and helpless, things get sensual and extreme in a way that Phillip doesn’t see coming.

Find out how things work out in this gay adult tale of sex, breath control, and strange romance.

The Long Night [Audiobook]

Long Night Audio 2400x2400by H. K. Kiting

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How did Jacob ever get in this position, tied to a bed with a plastic bag over his head?

It started earlier that evening when Michael and Jacob met for a blind date, and it was almost love at first sight for both of them.

After a few drinks, they decided to skip the dance club and go straight to Michael’s place. Once there, Jacob was tied to the bed and found out what Michael was really into.

With no neighbors, there’s no one who can come to Jacob’s rescue when he screams in pleasure… Or is it panic? How will the evening end?

Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, choking, bondage, and breath control.

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