A Day at the Pool

A Day At The Pool 200x300by Dean Chills

Just in time for summer!

It’s another sunny weekend, and Rick invites Owen over for an afternoon in his private backyard pool. Just the two of them, a few drinks, and Owen’s bag of “special” pool toys.

This is the fourth story in the “Rick & Owen” series of one-sitting short reads that explore the relationship between two gay men who are into BDSM, breath play, and related fetishes. This time around, they stick to various aquaphile activities in the pool, including an underwater blowjob, playing with weight belts, handcuffs, suction cups and forced breath holding.

**Warning: This 7100 word short story contains some explicit and graphic language. It contains handjobs, blowjobs, masturbation, drowning, and gay oral sex. It is intended for mature audiences.

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