Bear and Chaser Go to the Party

by Dean Chills

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When Martin goes to the much-anticipated pool party at Paul’s house, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into. When one gay couple after another arrives, he quickly becomes overwhelmed. What he didn’t realize, was that this group of far-flung fetishists all enjoy breath control and have all gotten to know each other already on an Internet group.

Martin’s bound to learn something tonight as he gets a few new experiences. Follow along his journey in this erotic gay tale of underwater masturbation, breath control, and oral sex. Who knows what goes on in the deep end of the pool?

Features many cameos by characters from other Dean Chills novels. There’s a burly cop and his furry husband, two mature friends from Virginia Beach, a young male prostitute from Texas, a guy with a scuba tank, as well as two mysterious writers from Ohio.

Book three in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

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