Episode 11: Free Books

SexyFicPodcastEpisode 11: Free Books

Dean: Let’s check the mailbag first this time. Why? Because this time we have another email from a reader!

Clive wrote in and asked:

A few episodes ago, you guys mentioned you had an unusual opinion about free books. What are your thoughts on free and promotional books? Thanks for your show, I’ve listened since the beginning.

— Clive from U.K.

Henry: I don’t know if it’s really that unusual, but it might be kind of atypical. Generally, free books are a bad idea in my opinion. But there are nearly as many opinions about free and promo books as there are self-published authors out there.

What do you think of free books?

  • People write ONE book and give it away? Why? How does this benefit the author? (Some people just want to be read. Bad reviews are easy. People collect and never read free books)
  • Series books with the first book free. Might work better to sell them all at first, then go back and offer first one free once they are all out there.
  • All books free after a certain amount of time. Why would anyone buy a book if they know that’s coming?
  • One book free at a time, but cycling through all of them eventually. Why would anyone buy a book?
  • Free books as a reward for something. Reviews or for signing up for a mailing list. For example, if you review one of our books online somewhere (like Amazon) and drop us a note telling us which review was you, we’ll send you a coupon code for a $2.99 book of your choice for free. If you sign up for our mailing list on SexyFic.com, email us, and we’ll do the same. That’s an easy way to get TWO free books from us. Neither of those offers is automatic, so you’ll need to email us your details, but we’re glad to do it.
  • What are your thoughts? Blog comments below!

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