Podcast Episode 13: Jumping off the Cliff into Erotica

Episode 13: Jumping off the Cliff

Michelle wrote in way back in October and asked:

I am a freelance writer and aside from blog posts I have ghost written, my true passion has never had exposure. I am often asked by female friends and family members to write erotica and romance stories for them.  This has turned into a Christmas and birthday tradition.  I have to limit them to one story request per month.  

I want to take the plunge into my career as a publish author of romance and erotica but I find myself at the edge of the cliff looking out. There are so many others out there like the vastness of the sea.  I want to jump, but I need some one to come up behind me and push.

What would you recommend as far as a sounding board?  I used to practice on fanfic sites but I was not as happy with the quality of the critique.  More often it was the way I handled a character and not the composition of the scene itself. 

I want to hone the craft but in all honesty, I am ashamed to admit I am not totally sure how to do that.  When I taught myself to crochet, I spent hours on getting the stitching right, but as I write my stories, I can’t seem to find the same cohesion.

Maybe I am my own worst enemy, with a devil on each shoulder so to speak.    

I love your podcast; I listen to podcasts while I am working around the house or siting down at my computer working on articles. Please continue your podcast.  

I will write every week with my trials and tribulation if it will give you material to continue- the starting author from their perspective.

 Thank you for the wonderful and informative podcast.  


OK then. We’d love to hear you trials and tribulations as a beginning erotica author, Michelle, and that applies to yours and anyone else who would like to share with us.


Discussion Points:

  • So how to get started?
  • How did you get started? (Dean, Henry)
  • What are your thoughts? Blog comments.

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