Episode 7: What’s Different with Erotica?

Episode 7: What’s Different with Erotica?


  • Let’s try something different: We’ll check the mailbag first!

Hey guys!

I’ve just started listening to your podcast, and wow, it’s great! I’m powering through the episodes one after the other.

My (pen) name is Suzuki Sinclair, and I’m soon to put up my own erotica as an e-book. What I’d really love to hear about – whether that’s in a show, or if you’re able to take the time to put your thoughts in an email – is strategies to optimise sales.

I’ve listened to some other self-publishing podcasts and learned about free books and the importance of professional covers and keywords. I was wondering if there was anything you’d learned about specific to erotica that boosted sales?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

All the best,


We’ll talk about free books another time, but I’ll say right now that our opinion probably isn’t the same one you usually hear. Keywords and cover design, are for another time as well, but both are very important.

You asked about tips specifically for erotica. Sales strategies for erotica is different from that of the latest sci-fi or crime thriller.

  • Your blurbs and description have to be more careful.
  • You may or may not be able to sell to your friends
  • You may or may not even be using your real name
  • There are cover image restrictions
  • Covers have to be what people expect (Forum Story)
  • Build your “Standard” platform: Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, and others
  • Build your “Erotic” platform: Seek out message boards and sites that cater to your specific fetish or kink. Don’t spam, but be creative about your postings depending on the place. Tumblr, twitter, fetlife
  • Some things don’t change: AuthorMarketingClub, Bookbub, Mail lists.

If any readers have other suggestions, email them to us or post them in the comments section of SexyFic.com under the show notes.

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