Episode 9: Creating Interesting Characters

Episode 9: Creating Characters

Welcome back to Episode Nine of the Writing and Publishing Erotica Podcast. I am H. K. Kiting and I am Dean Chills and we’re your hosts for the show. This is the podcast where we talk about writing and publishing in general, and include the occasional tidbit about erotica specifically.

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Did you release anything new this week?

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And now… This week’s episode!

Episode 9: Creating Characters

How important are good characters?

Do they have to be relatable or likeable? (POV vs others)

Erotic and Romance usually focus on two in a relationship…

  • Should they be similar or different?
  • How different?
  • How much detail is too much? How much is a waste of time?
  • How much are your characters based on yourself?
  • Can you write characters that are nothing at all like you are?

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