Flash Fiction: Air

Part 2 of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water challenge. This one is by yours truly:


by Dean Chills


Marcie looked nervous. “I don’t know about this. I told you I’m afraid to fly, right?”

“It’s nothing like an airplane. It’s very slow and smooth. You’ll love it. I promise,” Dave said, looking so eager, and sincere that she couldn’t say no.

He helped her step up into the large basket. It was mostly plastic, but had enough wicker built in that it looked like an old-style antique. Dave climbed in after her, turned up the burners, and watched the flames rise up almost into the huge balloon itself. He’d done this many times, or so he’d told Marcie. This would be her first balloon ride.

The basket lifted slightly off the ground, swaying a bit under the warming balloon. Then it lifted off entirely. It was still tied down, so it wasn’t too high. Marcie thought now was her last chance to jump for it, but she decided that Dave was nice enough, and good-looking enough, that she would be brave for him. Besides, Bob and Joanne demanded it.

Dave called out to his friend on the ground, who unhitched the tether ropes. Within seconds, they were rising fast. Marci looked at Dave’s face, trying hard not to look down at the shrinking landscape. She put her hand just above her belly, “It feels like going up in an elevator.”

Dave nodded and smiled. Then he dropped his shorts.

Marcie looked down and dropped hers as well.

This was the point of the whole thing. Bob and Joanne had dared them to have sex in a hot-air balloon, and they were going to do it.

Dave pulled her in close. He reached down and inserted himself into her. He noticed that she was already wet down there. Whether that was due to fear of heights, or anticipation of him, he didn’t know or care. He thrust a few times inside her, and she moaned. She clutched him tightly, her back to the corner of the basket. They both kept their shirts on, just in case spectators were watching; no one would know.

He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her in for a close kiss. Their lips met gently at first, then pressed together more and more tightly. Their tongues met halfway. Marcie began to forget her fear and just concentrated on Dave. They kissed harder, and Dave adjusted his angle of penetration until he was working her clitoris with every surge; he kept thrusting into her.

Marcie clawed at Dave’s shoulders, until moans of pleasure twisted into screams of ecstatic joy. Finally, she came; her juices flowed out, running down her leg. Dave shouted as he ejaculated all over Marcie as well. They held each other close and simply hugged for a long while. Finally, Dave handed Marcie a towel to clean herself up.

After cleaning and dressing herself, Marcie looked out over the panoramic view from thousands of feet in the air. She’d done it: A new member of the mile-high club!

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