Flash Fiction: Earth

This is the first story in our Flash Fiction Challenge of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This one is by H. K. Kiting. You can connect with him at hkkiting@gmail.com or on Twitter at @hkkiting . Pick up his books from here or Amazon.


by H.K. Kiting

Dan raised his glass. He was naked, as was his wife Clarissa, the wedding party and some friends; a group of about thirty people. The wedding had gone wonderfully, and they were on their “honeymoon.” They lived in Hawaii. Clarissa’s parents offered use of their beach house, including a stretch of private beach, for the week and they accepted.

“Thank you for coming tonight to party with us,” Dan said, “and for leaving your clothes and inhibitions behind. Here’s to you: the best friends a couple could ask for.” Clarissa winked at him. Glasses were drained and quickly refilled.

“As you know, Clarissa and I had something special to try this week.” He extended his hand to her and she rose like a queen from her throne. “We’d like to get that started.” More drinks vanished; glasses were left behind. A gentle chaos ensued as everyone made their way off the deck onto the open sand.

The weather was perfect. A full moon overhead reflected on the ocean and gave a glow bright enough to see by. They all walked over to a hole that had been dug in the sand earlier that afternoon. It was about three feet square and five feet deep. Dan and Clarissa stood on the edge and passionately kissed, encouraged by whoops and cheers from all sides. They rubbed their hands up and down each other’s bodies, relishing the feel of athletic muscles.

Then they took a side step and slipped into the hole together. Standing at the bottom, Dan gently slid his erection into Clarissa’s moist pussy and they resumed making out.

The best man asked, “Ready?”

There was a muffled “Mmm-hmm,” from the kissing couple.

The group filled sand back into the hole and in less than a minute Dan and Clarissa were buried up to their necks. They broke off the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes, smiling, just a pair of heads visible.

“Can you move down there?” asked one of the bridesmaids.

“About a half an inch,” Clarissa replied, her face flushed and shining. They were both breathing hard, the exertion of fucking each other like that taking all the strength they had.

“It’s half an inch enough,” Dan gasped.

Clarissa’s eyes were bright. “I wish we were buried even deeper.”

The group watched, some fondling themselves or each other.

After several minutes Dan exclaimed, “Oh God. Oh God!”

“Yes! Yes! Ram me as hard as you can. OH YES!”

The crowd applauded as they came simultaneously, both crying out and then kissing wildly as they rode the wave of pleasure.

After a few minutes they relaxed, looking at each other and panting.

“That was fantastic.”

Dan nodded in agreement.

The best man ran for the ocean. “See you two in a while!” The group ran after, splashing into the waves, leaving the newlyweds trapped together in their embrace.

“You’re still hard, big guy.”

Dan just smiled and started to thrust again. They had two more hours.

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