Jack’s Birthday Surprise

JacksBirthdaySurprise200x300Jack’s Birthday Surprise

by Dean Chills

Jack’s been down in the dumps for a couple of weeks now as his fiftieth birthday approaches. His boss throws him a surprise birthday party, where he meets Mitchell, a newly-hired photographer around his own age.

The next morning, the two accidentally run into each other while shopping, and Mitchell invites Jack over to his beach house. Jack follows Mitchell home, and they have a great time on the beach, then go back inside to cool off. 

When they find a cabinet full of BDSM toys, the two decide to have some fun with them. Jack, a novice with bondage, doesn’t quite know what to make of Mitchell’s interest in plastic bags and rope, but he soon learns. At fifty, Jack thinks he’s seen it all, but Mitchell shows him there’s still plenty of erotic new tricks to learn.

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