Jake’s Tow: Danger in the Desert

Danger in the Desert

Jake Hobson, the luckiest man, continues his erotic adventures in this third volume of the series.

In the previous title “Jake’s Diner Delight: A Very Hot Lunch!” he had to walk hours in the desert heat after his car broke down. Now Melissa picks him up in her tow truck from the diner where he found refuge.

Beautiful and dominating, she doesn’t take him to his car like he expects. Instead, she parks on the side of an off road for some sexy fun.

Miles from anywhere or anyone, he literally puts his life in her hands when she gets out the rope and puts the truck winch to a use it was never intended for.

Melissa wouldn’t really take things as far as she threatens, would she?

This adult story contains a dominating female character, graphic cunnilingus and fellatio, bondage, foot worship and choking peril play, all in a tidy package of about 9,500 words.

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