Mermaid’s Duet

Mermaids Duet 200x300Mermaid’s Duet

by H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills


Don’t Get in Over Your Head!

Try to hold your breath while we explore the sex lives of Lara and Mark, Sarah, and Silor in this collection of three short erotic adult tales containing aquatic sex, underwater peril and the search for a happy ending.

Ocean Sailing: Lara the mermaid, unsatisfied in a merman’s harem, goes looking for happiness

The Last Swim: Sarah the human, going for one last relaxing swim in the lake before heading home find more than she bargained for

Mermaid’s Duet: Silor, one of the Old Ones, escapes from his long imprisonment. Will he survive?

H. K. Kiting, the author of “Wet Sacrifice” and “The Blackout Club” joins with Dean Chills, author of the “Rick and Owen Breathplay Series” and “Swimming Lessons” as they jump into the deep end to bring you this trio of erotic tales involving mermaids and mermen.

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