Podcast Episode 14: Audio Books

Episode 14: Audio Books


What’s your most recent release?

Dean Chills: Forbidden Winter

H. K. Kiting: Riding the Tide


Audiobook Samples:

Scuba Lessons #1: Pool Time

Scuba Lessons #2: The Quarry



Episode 14: Audiobooks

Dean: I mentioned a few episodes back that I had a few audio books out, and I got several emails asking how that works.


Question 1: Where can you sell audio books?

ACX – CreateSpace – Your own website – CD Baby


Question 2: Should I narrate my own books or not?

Doing it yourself:

Are you the same sex as the narrator?

Are you comfortable doing it?

Do you sound natural doing it?

Can you do the voices or accents?

Paying someone else to narrate your story

Paying outright

Where can you find narrators?

Revenue split through ACX


Question 3: What do I need to do it myself?


Quiet space

Question 4: How much can I make?

40% on ACX sales. The Author and Narrator each get 20%. Pricing varies depending on length.

Createspace charges $4.95 + 15% of the sale

Your site: The Sky’s the limit

Sites Mentioned:             




Gum Road

CD Baby

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