Rick and Owen Get Hitched

Rick and Owen Get Hitched 200x300
Rick and Owen Get Hitched

by Dean Chills

In book six of the series, Rick and Owen have decided to cap their vacation together in St. Augustine by getting married on the way home. They work out the details, and prepare for the big day. They still have a few days to play on the beach, and Owen has always fantasized about being buried alive…

Whether it’s being buried on the beach or tied to a footstool and bagged, these guys never miss an opportunity for some action– Even when there are unwelcome visitors!

Between bouts of bondage, Rick and Owen work through their doubts and concerns about their wedding… Until Rick’s old boyfriend turns up. Will the whole thing fall apart?

Warning : Contains Male-on-male oral sex, Burial, Mutual masturbation, and adult situations.

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