Free Fiction: Road Trip

Hey guys, Dean Chills here. The other day, H.K. and I had to go on a road trip, and to pass the time, we collaborated on a little story. This one is appropriately enough entitled “Road Trip.” I’m not going to kiss and tell, but our trip didn’t quite go like the one in the story. 


Road Trip

by H. K. Kiting and A. Chills


Shelly reached behind her and fumbled around in the pile of bags on the back seat for the one containing the bottled water.

“Want one?” she asked. She wasn’t having any luck so she unfastened her seatbelt and stood up on her knees facing backward.

Justin took the opportunity to playfully swat her ass and said, “Sure. If you can find them.”

Shelly set her hand on Justin’s shoulder as she reached into the depths of the pile. She found two bottles and fished them out. Justin turned his head and kissed her hand.

Shelly turned around, sat back down, opened one bottle and handed it to Justin. Justin took a swig and made a sour face.

“Bleh! Needs some sugar,” he said seductively.

Shelly looked over and saw the gleam in his eye. “We aren’t in any real hurry to get there, you know.” She said it with a sly smile on her face.

“Yeah,” replied Justin, “But I would like to get there before dark.”

Shelly sighed. “Okay, I know what we can do. You just drive and leave the rest to me,” she said as she slid her hand over to Justin’s lap.

His eyes moved down to the speedometer as her hands moved down his zipper. The car was doing 75 miles an hour on cruise control. It felt like Shelly was doing 85.

Once the zipper was all the way down, she unsnapped his jeans and spread them open as wide as they would go. Then she put her hand in between the flaps of his underwear, running her fingers over the warm flesh she found underneath.

Justin shifted in his seat, spreading his legs wider to give her better access. She dug in deeper, found his scrotum and gently rolled his balls between her fingers.

Justin set his head against the back of his seat and settled in for the ride. Shelly rubbed his cock with her fingertips, lightly scraping her nails up and down the length of his shaft. Justin winced as the almost painful scraping balanced with pleasure of the rubbing.

She smiled as she felt his erection grow under her caress. As it started to expand, she slipped it out of his underwear. When it reached it’s full expanse the tip brushed the bottom of the steering wheel.

Justin took his hands off the wheel and grabbed his cock, pressing it against the rim. “Look, no hands!” he cried.

She laughed and replied, “I’m sure you could drive all the way to the Grand Canyon like that, but I have other plans for your third hand.”

She took a deep breath, bent over and dived in. She licked her lips and swallowed the entire length of him in one smooth, quick motion. She pulled her head up, very slowly, releasing him one inch at a time.

Justin’s eyes glanced up from the back of Shelly’s head to the speedometer again. 110 miles an hour. He took his foot off the gas, allowing the cruise control to resume a more reasonable speed. He decided not to mention that to Shelly.

He moaned as Shelly swallowed him down again after reaching the very tip of his cock. She reached the hilt and held it there for a moment, sucking powerfully. Justin felt his cock swell even harder inside her.

She pulled up, continuing to suck as she did and released his cock with an audible “pop!”

She sat up partially and kissed him on the lips. “How do you like the taste of your own cock?” she asked with a smile.

“Saltier than I expected,” he said with a grin, and she slapped his chest playfully.

She lifted up his shirt to expose his nipples, and he moaned again as she funneled one into her mouth and licked it.

She kissed her way down his belly and ran her tongue up the length of his still raging hard-on.

“Uh-oh, there’s a cop up here on the left.”

Shelly started to raise her head and he stopped her with a hand on the back of her neck.
“Nope, better stay down there.”

She giggled as he continued.

“He’s looking at us right now. Act natural. He’s wondering why I’m smiling. Hello officer, we’re on the way to the hospital, she got her lips caught in my zipper.”

Justin lowered his voice and did his best police officer impersonation, “Did you folks know that’s illegal in this county?”

Back in his own voice, Justin replied to himself, “No officer I did not. I’m very sorry, and I promise to never to do it again after she finishes this time.

She laughed harder and went back to work, pumping away at his still throbbing cock.

Justin tried to think of something else witty to say but his mind went blank, overwhelmed by the impending explosion building inside him.

Meanwhile, Shelly was pumping up and down, using her throat and lips and tongue furiously, up and down, up and down, Justin couldn’t take much more.

He was fighting it.

Suddenly, the front tire hit a pothole and the entire car lurched. Justin’s penis poked Shelly in the throat, and he shot at the same time. Shelly bit down on his cock in reflex, and he screamed. He was completely overcome by the mixed sensations of orgasm and agony.

His foot slammed involuntarily on the brake, and he jerked the wheel to his right. The car went rumbling off the road onto the shoulder and skidded along sideways until it growled to a stop. The whole time, Shelly was still sucking on Justin’s cock. Justin was slamming his hands against the car roof over and over.

Justin squirted into Shelly’s mouth one more time, and then he sat there shaking and gasping for air. Shelly sat up again in the passenger seat, looking as calm as if he had just pulled over for a little break.

Several minutes later, when the tears had cleared from Justin’s eyes, he turned to Shelly said matter-of-factly “On the way back, you drive.”

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