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Held for Bondage: James Becomes a Slave Boy [Audiobook]

By A. J. Moor : Narrated by H. K. Kiting

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(Not published by SexyFic, but narrated by our own H. K. Kiting)

What if your possibility for love rested on lessons you could only learn from a gay BDSM master?

James’ girlfriend broke his heart, but he’s soon to meet the man of his dreams.

James is a sexy, 21 year old college student with a problem. While he can get any girl on campus to have sex with him, he can never convince them to commit.

All that changes when he meets Mitch, a tall, muscular Russian guy with a taste for gay BDSM romance that will leave him breathless and begging for more. In Mitch’s world, there are dungeons with torches lining the wall, St. Andrew’s Crosses waiting for bondage, lots of kinky devices to make sub happy and craving the next bondage experience.

And as James moves further and further into that world, playing Mitch’s naughty gay BDSM erotica games as a slave, he finds he’s falling further and further in love with his new master.

Will James and Mitch form a bond that goes beyond carnal sex play between two men?

Find out what happens now.

Devil’s Chess [Audiobook]

by A. J. Moor / Narrated by H. K. Kiting

[This is Not a SexyFic.com published book, but narrated by our own H. K. Kiting!]

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How about a highly erotic, man-on-man game of BDSM chess?

Cory is a handsome, 19-year-old slave toiling without mercy in his master’s fields when the overseer approaches him. What is to come is just a hint of his master’s depraved, male/male BDSM cruelty:

“The master’s been craving,” the overseer said, and with those words, Cory dangerously slowed his slave labor. He knew what it meant when the master was craving, and he knew what was in store for him in those moments. He couldn’t decide if he should be excited or terrified. Excited because he only ever saw his lover when his master was craving – or terrified because of the awful reality of what those cravings meant for the slave.

“The Devil’s Chess,” the slave muttered under his breath, and he turned his head to look into the overseer’s eyes, a wicked grin on his face as his snow white teeth gleamed in the bright rays of the afternoon sun.

“That’s right, boy. You should like that.”

A game of chess like no other.

A simple game of chess shouldn’t make a slave nervous, should it?

And yet, Cory knows that for every piece captured, he is to suffer a diabolical bondage and humiliation punishment that will leave him mad, pleading for mercy, and begging for more.

But that’s not all. As Cory moves further into this game of chess, he also starts piecing together the reality of his relationship with Jackson, another slave who is intimately familiar with the master’s devilish game.

Will Cory and Jackson finally have a chance to reunite after three years of being away from each other? Will they have the opportunity to connect with each other as soulmates on the truest level?

Writing and Publishing Erotica Episode 23: Motivation, Getting Up Early, and Audiobooks

Episode 23:

Welcome back to Episode TWENTY-THREE of the Writing and Publishing Erotica Podcast. I am H. K. Kiting and I am Dean Chills and we’re your hosts for the show. This is the podcast where we talk about writing and publishing in general, and include the occasional tidbit about erotica specifically.

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What’s your most recent release?

H. K. Kiting: Artist Series Complete and Welcome Home

Dean Chills: Bear and Chaser Go to the Party in completion


Episode 23:

Topic One: Keeping it Flowing

 Reader Mail: Do you guys have any ideas to keep the words flowing so you keep putting out consistent content for your readers?

–Writing Schedule


 Link to Youtube Video about writing Early: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGQMKwRy36E


Topic Two:

How do you convince someone to record your story as audio if you don’t want to do it yourself?

–ACX or Not ACX? If not ACX, then payment processing is a problem

–Revenue Sharing or just pay upfront?

Link to Zoom H4N Audio Recorder:

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Scuba Lessons 2: The Quarry

The Quarry 200x300by Dean Chills

Phil has passed the classroom portion of his scuba certification and is ready for his confined water dive. His “private tutor,” Jeremy, has suggested they go to a local quarry and explore some of the sunken objects in it.

They find the quarry almost deserted, and they waste no time getting started exploring. When they come across an old school bus, Phil and Jeremy decide to take advantage of their peaceful surroundings to go “even deeper” with each other.

After a sexy time in the bus, they move on to a sunken automobile and take it for a “spin.” Will Phil pass the test, or is he in over his head?

This short erotic tale features gay sex, both oral and anal, manual sex, and lots of bubbles.

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Scuba Lessons 1: Pool Time

Pool Time 200x300Pool Time: Scuba Lessons #1
By Dean Chills


Phil met Jeremy at the university pool, and when Jeremy mentioned he was a scuba instructor, Phil was intrigued. That evening, when the scuba shop was closed they began their private lesson.

Before long, the tanks and trunks come off, and it’s just the two of them alone in the pool. Buddy breathing, shared air, fantasy drowning, anal sex, oral sex, and mutual masturbation take place as the men become members of the “60-foot deep club.”

This 7000+ word short erotic tale contains gay men in adult situations. If you enjoy your fantasies to have an underwater theme, give Pool Time a read.

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