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My Date with Santa [Audiobook]

my-date-with-santa-audioby Dean Chills

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When Tom heads to the grocery store in the middle of a blizzard, he comes home with more than he bargained for. Chris, the store’s Santa Claus, is a major hunk in disguise. Tom invites him over after work for a little sexy fun. He doesn’t know that Tom has a fully-equipped dungeon play space for BDSM torments. At least not until he finds himself tied spread-eagle to eyebolts in the ceiling.

Listen along as Tom tells the story of how he and Santa hit it off- and get it off, in this gay tale of BDSM. Choking, bagging, breathplay, oral sex, and masturbation are featured, so beware if you don’t enjoy the kinkier side of Christmas.

BMX Boys

BMX Boys 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills

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The authors who brought you the Tales From The Compound and Rick And Owen series join forces to create a tale that will leave you breathless.

When Steve’s boss sends him to interview the famous BMX biker, Kyle Fitzsimmons, Steve admits he doesn’t know anything about the sport. He goes anyway, and the two of them decide to complete their interview in Kyle’s lavish apartment

Before long, he discovers that he has a lot more in common with Kyle than he ever imagined, and the two of them end up in the shower. After some kinky play in the water, they head to the living room for more fun. Kyle gets out leather cuffs, puts on a motorcycle helmet, and things really start to get carried away…

Check out this hot gay tale of extreme breath control, oral sex, and peril play.


Complete Rick and Owen Breathplay Books [Audiobook]

Complete Rick and Owen Breathplay AUDIO 2400x2400by Dean Chills

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This book is an anthology of the contents of Books 1-6 of the “Rick and Owen Breathplay” series of books by Dean Chills.

  • Breathless Prisoner
  • It’s A Gas… Mask!
  • All Wrapped Up
  • A Day at the Pool
  • Rick and Owen Hit the Road
  • Rick and Owen Get Hitched

This is the time to get all six books in one volume. Experience the excitement of Rick and Owen as they learn the pleasures of breath control. Bagging, smothering, gas mask play, drowning, burial, mummification, and much more await you in these six complete kinky erotic tales.


Jack’s Anniversary

Jacks Anniversary 1563x2500

by Dean Chills

In this sequel to “Jack’s Birthday Surprise,” Jack and Mitchell have been together for a year now. Mitchell’s having problems with his family, and needs some cheering up. They decide to celebrate by revisiting the beach house where they first got together.

They head out to the beach for some naughtiness which involves Jack burying Mitchell in a shallow grave of sand until the tide comes in. When Jack eventually digs Mitchell up, Mitchell wants his revenge, but he wants it wet. Too back for Jack they’re right next to the ocean.

Will they both survive the weekend? If they do, will they solve their personal problems? Find out in this gay romantic tale of burial, bagging, drowning, and masturbation.

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Dark Leather

Dark Leather 200x300by H. K. Kiting

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In this pair of sensual gay tales, black leather isn’t enough to protect men from being dominated completely.

The Long Trip has a pair of bikers riding endlessly through the desert. When it’s time to camp for the night, sleep isn’t the first thing they have on their minds. By the light of the fire, things get sexy and dangerous.

In The First Date, our hero decks out in leathers for a ride but never makes it to his cycle. A stalker decides he’s going to make his dark fantasy come true by abducting him off the street and taking him to a secluded spot in the woods. Then his captor gets out the rope…

Find out how things reach a climax in these stories of sex, leather, bondage, breath control, and peril play.

Double Dare

Double Dare 200x300by H. K. Kiting

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Johnny has his police buddies Mark and Tim over for some pool and drinks at the start of some time off.

Watching a bondage movie while partying, Mark and Tim brag that they could escape from being tied up. Accepting their challenge, Johnny binds them both. 

Once he has them helpless, the two men find out just how voyeuristic and sadistic their friend really is. He lets them have some pleasure, and then he has a diabolical way of giving them a time limit to free themselves. 

Can the lovers get loose before their air runs out? 

Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, peril play and breath control. 

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