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Heir of the King [Audiobook]

by H. K. Kiting / Narrated by H. K. Kiting

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King Martin has a heart big enough to love men and women. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to save him from the traitorous General Thelan.

With rebels literally smashing their way into the castle, he makes a passionate farewell to his manservant.

Once imprisoned in his own dungeon and chained to the wall awaiting execution, he has two beautiful female visitors. The King has no children, and some of his loyal followers do what they have to do to make sure there is someone to carry on his name.

Can his last desperate act of passion be carried out in time?

Set in a medieval age, this adult story has a bisexual main character, a touch of woman-on-woman action, erotic choking, and bondage.


Danger in the Barn [Audiobook]

danger-in-the-barn-audioby H. K. Kiting

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What happens when two kinky, young, gay guys are left alone on the farm?

Keith and Toby have the place to themselves when Keith’s dad and uncle head out of town. Ditching the chores, they head to the barn for some fun.

Keith suspends Toby from the rafters for some bondage sex.

When it’s Keith’s turn, Toby uses baling wire for some inescapable restraint. Toby takes out his lighter. With hay and dry wood piled up around him, Keith’s arousal quickly gets mixed with fear. Just how extreme will Toby go in their peril play?

This gay adult tale contains sex, choking, bondage, suspension, and fire play.

Marty’s Ultimate Workout [Audio Book]

martys-ultimate-workout-audioby H. K. Kiting

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Has Marty found the man he is looking for?

After meeting a man he is only to address as “Sir” online, Marty goes to his place for an evening of play. What he expects to be merely a house turns out to be a mansion with a fully-equipped gymnasium.

By the time the ropes, electrodes, and straps come out, Marty is already exhausted from the grueling forced workout that Sir has put him through. It’s the perfect meeting of a dominant and a submissive. Just how far will Sir push his new plaything?

Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, choking, breath control, electro play, peril play, and a kinky good time.

The Long Night [Audiobook]

Long Night Audio 2400x2400by H. K. Kiting

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How did Jacob ever get in this position, tied to a bed with a plastic bag over his head?

It started earlier that evening when Michael and Jacob met for a blind date, and it was almost love at first sight for both of them.

After a few drinks, they decided to skip the dance club and go straight to Michael’s place. Once there, Jacob was tied to the bed and found out what Michael was really into.

With no neighbors, there’s no one who can come to Jacob’s rescue when he screams in pleasure… Or is it panic? How will the evening end?

Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, choking, bondage, and breath control.

Meat Land

by H. K. Kiting

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Stan starts his Meat Land adventure in a tub of depilatory liquid. He’s sought out a dark fantasy, to be meat for a group of men. Of course, they wouldn’t really cook and eat him. Would they? 

Once he’s smooth and clean, they move on to the next phase. Stan is tied up and put into a giant cauldron of water. As the temperature rises, he’s subjected to near drowning and near hanging. They rescue him, only to subject him to something worse. 

Will Stan survive his kinky adventure in Meat Land? 

Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, peril play, drowning play, choking, and fire play.

Forbidden Winter


Forbidden Winter 200x300 200x300by Dean Chills

Michelle and her husband Mark decide to take a wintry vacation in a cabin in the woods alongside his friends Peter and Gary. The foursome are expecting an exciting week of snowmen, walks in the woods, snowball fights, and zipping through the trails on their snow machines. 

On their second afternoon in the isolated countryside, Michelle rides with Peter on his snowmobile while her husband takes Gary for a ride on his. An accident leaves Michelle and Peter stranded miles from the cabin. What will they do? 
As they begin their walk home, they realize they’ll never make it before dark. Fortunately they find shelter on the way back. What will they do to keep warm? 

This short erotic tale features heterosexual sex with choking kink.

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