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Tales from The Compound Vol. 1: Nooseplay for Nate

Compound 1  Nooseplay eBook

Introducing a new series of short erotic stories by H. K. Kiting.

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Master Aries holds dominion over The Compound, an all-male brothel thirty minutes from Las Vegas, where a gay man can have nearly any fantasy fulfilled. In this series, he recounts short tales of the visits by his clients. Some like things vanilla, and some like them extremely kinky. No man leaves unsatisfied… 

In Volume 1, Master Aries entertains Nate, who thinks he might be into nooseplay, but he’s never been able to connect with someone able to explore his desire. Today is his lucky day, for the Master will give him everything that he’s looking for and more. 

Enjoy this short m/m tale of domination, peril play, sex, bondage, and strangulation.

Riding the Tide

Riding the Tide 1563x2500

By H. K. Kiting

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A year after their erotic adventure in “Private Beach,” Matt and Shane are back in action, this time with their friend Jackson. 

Promising them something extreme for their first anniversary, Jackson buries them neck deep in the path of the incoming tide. Then their friend uses them and torments them as the water rises. 

How far will he let things go? 

Find out in this gay adult tale of romance, sex, bondage, choking, sand burial and peril play.

My Second Date with Santa

Second Date with Santa 200x300by Dean Chills


When Tom runs into Chris, once again playing Santa at the store, he wonders if Chris had a good time when they’d played together last year. He slips the busy Santa a note, and sure enough, he gets a visit that very night.

Join Tom and Chris in their unique brand of holiday fun, involving zip-ties, plastic bags, stretch film, and lube.

Santa may only come once a year, but he really looks forward to it!

(Includes Gay Bondage, mutual masturbation, breath control, and oral sex)

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Plaything for Poseidon

Plaything for Poseidon 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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Nick is out for a run on a deserted beach when he encounters a handsome man who wants to take his picture. The man introduces himself as Poseidon. He seems to cast an immediate spell over Nick, who can’t get enough of his new friend. When Poseidon lures him to a large box nearby and chains him to the top, Nick quickly realizes he’s literally a captive of the God of the Sea. Once Poseidon has Nick helpless, and the water starts to rise, how far with he push his plaything? Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, breath control, peril play, and complete domination.

Scuba Lessons 2: The Quarry

The Quarry 200x300by Dean Chills

Phil has passed the classroom portion of his scuba certification and is ready for his confined water dive. His “private tutor,” Jeremy, has suggested they go to a local quarry and explore some of the sunken objects in it.

They find the quarry almost deserted, and they waste no time getting started exploring. When they come across an old school bus, Phil and Jeremy decide to take advantage of their peaceful surroundings to go “even deeper” with each other.

After a sexy time in the bus, they move on to a sunken automobile and take it for a “spin.” Will Phil pass the test, or is he in over his head?

This short erotic tale features gay sex, both oral and anal, manual sex, and lots of bubbles.

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Iron Work

Iron Work 200x300Iron Work

by H. K. Kiting

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Dan and Jim hit it off working their first day together as welders. “Love at first sight?” asks Jim. “Maybe,” Dan replies.

After a sexy cleanup in the shower, they grab some dinner and head to Jim’s place. Jim reveals that he’s also an artist, and he wants Dan to literally become one with his exhibit.

Once Dan is chained and helpless, Jim gets out the plastic wrap and there’s no sign of him stopping there. Just how far will Jim go making Dan a permanent part of his art?

Find out in this adult tale of gay romance, sex, peril play, breath control, and bondage.

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