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Episode 2: Is It Done Yet? How Much Longer?

Writing and Publishing Erotica Podcast Episode 2


Join erotica authors Dean Chills and H. K. Kiting for a look at writing and self-publishing issues. They are known for their erotica stories, but much of what they say goes with non-erotica writing as well. Each week, they’ll explore a topic related to creative writing, the business of publishing, or just something interesting.


Episode 2: Is it done yet? When to finish a story

  • When is it done… Perfection?
  • Do you write for length of story or for publication?
  • How long does a story need to be? Pricing?
  • Time span of process
  • Editing and proofing.., how much is enough?
  • Do you find mistakes six months later?
  • Would you change anything if you could?


Theme: Everything Is One Thing, Reprise

Al Phlipp and The Woo Team

Free Fiction: Road Trip

Hey guys, Dean Chills here. The other day, H.K. and I had to go on a road trip, and to pass the time, we collaborated on a little story. This one is appropriately enough entitled “Road Trip.” I’m not going to kiss and tell, but our trip didn’t quite go like the one in the story. 


Road Trip

by H. K. Kiting and A. Chills


Shelly reached behind her and fumbled around in the pile of bags on the back seat for the one containing the bottled water.

“Want one?” she asked. She wasn’t having any luck so she unfastened her seatbelt and stood up on her knees facing backward.

Justin took the opportunity to playfully swat her ass and said, “Sure. If you can find them.”

Shelly set her hand on Justin’s shoulder as she reached into the depths of the pile. She found two bottles and fished them out. Justin turned his head and kissed her hand.

Shelly turned around, sat back down, opened one bottle and handed it to Justin. Justin took a swig and made a sour face.

“Bleh! Needs some sugar,” he said seductively.

Shelly looked over and saw the gleam in his eye. “We aren’t in any real hurry to get there, you know.” She said it with a sly smile on her face.

“Yeah,” replied Justin, “But I would like to get there before dark.”

Shelly sighed. “Okay, I know what we can do. You just drive and leave the rest to me,” she said as she slid her hand over to Justin’s lap.

His eyes moved down to the speedometer as her hands moved down his zipper. The car was doing 75 miles an hour on cruise control. It felt like Shelly was doing 85.

Once the zipper was all the way down, she unsnapped his jeans and spread them open as wide as they would go. Then she put her hand in between the flaps of his underwear, running her fingers over the warm flesh she found underneath.

Justin shifted in his seat, spreading his legs wider to give her better access. She dug in deeper, found his scrotum and gently rolled his balls between her fingers.

Justin set his head against the back of his seat and settled in for the ride. Shelly rubbed his cock with her fingertips, lightly scraping her nails up and down the length of his shaft. Justin winced as the almost painful scraping balanced with pleasure of the rubbing.

She smiled as she felt his erection grow under her caress. As it started to expand, she slipped it out of his underwear. When it reached it’s full expanse the tip brushed the bottom of the steering wheel.

Justin took his hands off the wheel and grabbed his cock, pressing it against the rim. “Look, no hands!” he cried.

She laughed and replied, “I’m sure you could drive all the way to the Grand Canyon like that, but I have other plans for your third hand.”

She took a deep breath, bent over and dived in. She licked her lips and swallowed the entire length of him in one smooth, quick motion. She pulled her head up, very slowly, releasing him one inch at a time.

Justin’s eyes glanced up from the back of Shelly’s head to the speedometer again. 110 miles an hour. He took his foot off the gas, allowing the cruise control to resume a more reasonable speed. He decided not to mention that to Shelly.

He moaned as Shelly swallowed him down again after reaching the very tip of his cock. She reached the hilt and held it there for a moment, sucking powerfully. Justin felt his cock swell even harder inside her.

She pulled up, continuing to suck as she did and released his cock with an audible “pop!”

She sat up partially and kissed him on the lips. “How do you like the taste of your own cock?” she asked with a smile.

“Saltier than I expected,” he said with a grin, and she slapped his chest playfully.

She lifted up his shirt to expose his nipples, and he moaned again as she funneled one into her mouth and licked it.

She kissed her way down his belly and ran her tongue up the length of his still raging hard-on.

“Uh-oh, there’s a cop up here on the left.”

Shelly started to raise her head and he stopped her with a hand on the back of her neck.
“Nope, better stay down there.”

She giggled as he continued.

“He’s looking at us right now. Act natural. He’s wondering why I’m smiling. Hello officer, we’re on the way to the hospital, she got her lips caught in my zipper.”

Justin lowered his voice and did his best police officer impersonation, “Did you folks know that’s illegal in this county?”

Back in his own voice, Justin replied to himself, “No officer I did not. I’m very sorry, and I promise to never to do it again after she finishes this time.

She laughed harder and went back to work, pumping away at his still throbbing cock.

Justin tried to think of something else witty to say but his mind went blank, overwhelmed by the impending explosion building inside him.

Meanwhile, Shelly was pumping up and down, using her throat and lips and tongue furiously, up and down, up and down, Justin couldn’t take much more.

He was fighting it.

Suddenly, the front tire hit a pothole and the entire car lurched. Justin’s penis poked Shelly in the throat, and he shot at the same time. Shelly bit down on his cock in reflex, and he screamed. He was completely overcome by the mixed sensations of orgasm and agony.

His foot slammed involuntarily on the brake, and he jerked the wheel to his right. The car went rumbling off the road onto the shoulder and skidded along sideways until it growled to a stop. The whole time, Shelly was still sucking on Justin’s cock. Justin was slamming his hands against the car roof over and over.

Justin squirted into Shelly’s mouth one more time, and then he sat there shaking and gasping for air. Shelly sat up again in the passenger seat, looking as calm as if he had just pulled over for a little break.

Several minutes later, when the tears had cleared from Justin’s eyes, he turned to Shelly said matter-of-factly “On the way back, you drive.”

Flash Fiction: Water

This is part 4, the conclusion of our Flash Fiction Challenge for this month. This one is “Water,” and it’s by H. K. Kiting.


by H. K. Kiting

Jackie knew that she was in trouble when Nancy walked in the door. She practically tore off her suit jacket and threw her briefcase aside, sure signs that it had been a rough day. Jackie greeted her with “Hello.” She was about to ask how it went. The question was cut off by Nancy kissing her full on the mouth and sticking her tongue halfway down her throat.

Jackie kissed her back and reached up to undo the snap on Nancy’s business skirt. It slithered to the floor. Nancy lifted Jackie’s t-shirt up over her head. Jackie wasn’t wearing a bra, and Nancy bent over to suck one nipple and then the other. Jackie unzipped her jeans, kicking them aside when they fell to her ankles. Nancy stood again and kissed Jackie even more passionately as she took off her blouse, unclasped her bra and slid her panties down over her hips.

They stood there for a few minutes, nude, embracing each other, rubbing hands over each other, feeling their smooth, soft flesh. Then Nancy took Jackie by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

When they got there, she sat Jackie on the edge of the tub and bent over to retrieve something from under the sink. Jackie ran her hands up and down Nancy’s hips and over her ass, causing Nancy to laugh into the cabinet.

Nancy stood up with four Velcro cuffs in her hands, each with a large suction cup attached. Jackie’s smile widened when she saw them.

Nancy bent over and attached one to each of Jackie’s ankles and wrists. Then she scooted Jackie back and down so that she was seated in the tub. She grabbed Jackie by the ankles and pulled, sliding her along so that her ass was against the end under the faucet and her feet were pointed up in the air with her legs against the wall. Nancy pressed the suction cups onto the smooth tile. Jackie’s legs were held in place, and her pussy was perfectly aligned under the faucet. Nancy finished the restraint by stretching Jackie’s arms over her head and pressing the suction cups on her wrists to the tub floor.

Nancy smiled down at Jackie as she squirmed in helpless anticipation. She reached for the faucet and turned the water on very low. Jackie bucked as it splashed directly onto her clitoris. Nancy turned up the pressure. Jackie arched her back and cried out in pleasure as the water started to push her into a very fast orgasm.

Nancy fondled Jackie’s breasts, feeling her chest heave as she gasped and moaned. Nancy turned on the faucet full force and Jackie shrieked, sensation overwhelming her as she came. She thrashed, water splashing over her entire body, locked in an orgasm that didn’t end.

With her right hand, Nancy reached down between her own legs. With her left hand, she closed the drain and the tub began to fill.

Then she sat back to enjoy the show.



Flash Fiction: Fire

Here’s the third entry in the “Earth, Air, Fire & Water” series. This one is, appropriately enough, called “Fire. This one’s by me, Dean Chills @DeanChills


by Dean Chills


Juan woke up and looked around. It was pitch dark, and he couldn’t move. His arms were bound behind him. He felt that he was naked as well. He twisted, trying to free himself, only to learn that his ankles were also bound. He was tied to a thick tree trunk. Who would do this to him?

Suddenly, there was a fire before him; he wasn’t alone. A figure in a robe was holding a torch. That torch lit other torches, and before long there were twelve hooded figures, all holding torches, circling around him.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” He demanded. He didn’t know what they were planning, and he didn’t want to find out.

All twelve of the figures came together around a thirteenth figure that was holding a large bowl. There was something dark in the bottom, but he couldn’t see it. They each, in turn, dipped their torches into the bowl, and whatever it was in there started burning.

In the light from the flaming bowl, he could see a beautiful, feminine face. The woman carried the fiery vessel over to him and set it down between his legs. The flame wasn’t high enough to set him on fire, but the heat was incredibly painful. Juan cried out in pain and fury, as the woman got down on her knees and touched his cock.

Her hands partially shielded him from the heat of the flames down below; it was a needed relief. His cock grew large under her protection, and her hands deftly massaged him to full erection.

The others stood in a half-circle around him, watching and waiting. The woman before him stood up, holding a knife in front of his eyes. “No!” he cried, knowing he couldn’t defend himself.

Surprising him, she pulled up the sleeve of her robe and cut herself. Not deeply, but enough to draw blood. She then held her bloody wrist up to Juan, forcing some of the blood into his mouth. As soon as she was sure he’d swallowed some, she got back down on her knees and resumed pumping away.

He spit out the remaining blood, and felt the surge below. He was going to come. He didn’t know the point or purpose to all this, but out of spite, he chose to hold it back. It hurt, even more so with the burning smoke, but he held it in.

She stroked harder, and faster, almost putting out the fire in the bowl with her robe sleeve. The fire was burning lower now, but it was still burning. Juan couldn’t hold it anymore. He cried out as he tensed, shooting his seed on the girl, her robe, but mostly into the burning bowl.

The girl stepped back and lifted the receptacle above her head. She covered the bowl with her robe, said words that Juan couldn’t make out, and stepped back. Where the fire had been, there was a newborn baby.

Juan screamed again.

Flash Fiction: Air

Part 2 of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water challenge. This one is by yours truly:


by Dean Chills


Marcie looked nervous. “I don’t know about this. I told you I’m afraid to fly, right?”

“It’s nothing like an airplane. It’s very slow and smooth. You’ll love it. I promise,” Dave said, looking so eager, and sincere that she couldn’t say no.

He helped her step up into the large basket. It was mostly plastic, but had enough wicker built in that it looked like an old-style antique. Dave climbed in after her, turned up the burners, and watched the flames rise up almost into the huge balloon itself. He’d done this many times, or so he’d told Marcie. This would be her first balloon ride.

The basket lifted slightly off the ground, swaying a bit under the warming balloon. Then it lifted off entirely. It was still tied down, so it wasn’t too high. Marcie thought now was her last chance to jump for it, but she decided that Dave was nice enough, and good-looking enough, that she would be brave for him. Besides, Bob and Joanne demanded it.

Dave called out to his friend on the ground, who unhitched the tether ropes. Within seconds, they were rising fast. Marci looked at Dave’s face, trying hard not to look down at the shrinking landscape. She put her hand just above her belly, “It feels like going up in an elevator.”

Dave nodded and smiled. Then he dropped his shorts.

Marcie looked down and dropped hers as well.

This was the point of the whole thing. Bob and Joanne had dared them to have sex in a hot-air balloon, and they were going to do it.

Dave pulled her in close. He reached down and inserted himself into her. He noticed that she was already wet down there. Whether that was due to fear of heights, or anticipation of him, he didn’t know or care. He thrust a few times inside her, and she moaned. She clutched him tightly, her back to the corner of the basket. They both kept their shirts on, just in case spectators were watching; no one would know.

He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her in for a close kiss. Their lips met gently at first, then pressed together more and more tightly. Their tongues met halfway. Marcie began to forget her fear and just concentrated on Dave. They kissed harder, and Dave adjusted his angle of penetration until he was working her clitoris with every surge; he kept thrusting into her.

Marcie clawed at Dave’s shoulders, until moans of pleasure twisted into screams of ecstatic joy. Finally, she came; her juices flowed out, running down her leg. Dave shouted as he ejaculated all over Marcie as well. They held each other close and simply hugged for a long while. Finally, Dave handed Marcie a towel to clean herself up.

After cleaning and dressing herself, Marcie looked out over the panoramic view from thousands of feet in the air. She’d done it: A new member of the mile-high club!

Flash Fiction: Earth

This is the first story in our Flash Fiction Challenge of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This one is by H. K. Kiting. You can connect with him at hkkiting@gmail.com or on Twitter at @hkkiting . Pick up his books from here or Amazon.


by H.K. Kiting

Dan raised his glass. He was naked, as was his wife Clarissa, the wedding party and some friends; a group of about thirty people. The wedding had gone wonderfully, and they were on their “honeymoon.” They lived in Hawaii. Clarissa’s parents offered use of their beach house, including a stretch of private beach, for the week and they accepted.

“Thank you for coming tonight to party with us,” Dan said, “and for leaving your clothes and inhibitions behind. Here’s to you: the best friends a couple could ask for.” Clarissa winked at him. Glasses were drained and quickly refilled.

“As you know, Clarissa and I had something special to try this week.” He extended his hand to her and she rose like a queen from her throne. “We’d like to get that started.” More drinks vanished; glasses were left behind. A gentle chaos ensued as everyone made their way off the deck onto the open sand.

The weather was perfect. A full moon overhead reflected on the ocean and gave a glow bright enough to see by. They all walked over to a hole that had been dug in the sand earlier that afternoon. It was about three feet square and five feet deep. Dan and Clarissa stood on the edge and passionately kissed, encouraged by whoops and cheers from all sides. They rubbed their hands up and down each other’s bodies, relishing the feel of athletic muscles.

Then they took a side step and slipped into the hole together. Standing at the bottom, Dan gently slid his erection into Clarissa’s moist pussy and they resumed making out.

The best man asked, “Ready?”

There was a muffled “Mmm-hmm,” from the kissing couple.

The group filled sand back into the hole and in less than a minute Dan and Clarissa were buried up to their necks. They broke off the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes, smiling, just a pair of heads visible.

“Can you move down there?” asked one of the bridesmaids.

“About a half an inch,” Clarissa replied, her face flushed and shining. They were both breathing hard, the exertion of fucking each other like that taking all the strength they had.

“It’s half an inch enough,” Dan gasped.

Clarissa’s eyes were bright. “I wish we were buried even deeper.”

The group watched, some fondling themselves or each other.

After several minutes Dan exclaimed, “Oh God. Oh God!”

“Yes! Yes! Ram me as hard as you can. OH YES!”

The crowd applauded as they came simultaneously, both crying out and then kissing wildly as they rode the wave of pleasure.

After a few minutes they relaxed, looking at each other and panting.

“That was fantastic.”

Dan nodded in agreement.

The best man ran for the ocean. “See you two in a while!” The group ran after, splashing into the waves, leaving the newlyweds trapped together in their embrace.

“You’re still hard, big guy.”

Dan just smiled and started to thrust again. They had two more hours.

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