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A Gig on the Side [Audiobook]

By H. K. Kiting

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Ricardo just finishes up an exotic dance performance when he finds out that someone wants to see him personally. It’s Steve, who wants to hire him for some modeling – a gig on the side. Ricardo is warned that the photo shoot will involve sex, bondage and staged peril, but the large cash payment is too much for him to turn down. Besides, he loves that sort of thing. He’s whisked to the site in a limo, along with Steve’s colleague Mike. But once Ricardo is tied up in the woods, he learns just how much danger he is in.

Find out how far things can go in this gay adult tale of sex, breath control, bondage, fire play, and peril play.

Danger in the Barn [Audiobook]

danger-in-the-barn-audioby H. K. Kiting

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What happens when two kinky, young, gay guys are left alone on the farm?

Keith and Toby have the place to themselves when Keith’s dad and uncle head out of town. Ditching the chores, they head to the barn for some fun.

Keith suspends Toby from the rafters for some bondage sex.

When it’s Keith’s turn, Toby uses baling wire for some inescapable restraint. Toby takes out his lighter. With hay and dry wood piled up around him, Keith’s arousal quickly gets mixed with fear. Just how extreme will Toby go in their peril play?

This gay adult tale contains sex, choking, bondage, suspension, and fire play.

Tales from the Compound Collection Two

by H. K. Kiting

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This collection contains the five individually published stories: Smoked Sausage, Interrogating Franklin, Off the Deep End, Jason the Mummy, Pass the Bag, and the bonus short story Fireman. 

Master Aries holds dominion over The Compound, an all-male brothel thirty minutes from Las Vegas, where a gay man can have nearly any fantasy fulfilled. In this series, he recounts short tales of the visits by his clients. Some like things vanilla, and some like them extremely kinky. No man leaves unsatisfied… 

Master Aries entertains Simon who likes cigars, and luckily Master Aries has an unlimited supply. The Master shows him how sensual and dangerous smoking can be. 

Master Aries interrogates Franklin who role-plays a captured soldier with a key piece of information. Will the “soldier” crack before Aries takes things too far? 

Matthew visits for a swim. Things start out tame at first, but they quickly turn kinky and dangerous when Master Aries gets out the weights and cuffs. 

Jason likes nothing better than complete mummification. Of course once a man is encased in plastic and duct tape, even something as basic as breathing is out of his control. 

The Master hosts a gay couple, Drew and Sampson. The only thing that they like better than sex with breath control is watching each other suffer. 

Robert comes to The Compound looking for a taste of fire. Master Aries gives him an evening of pleasure and terror, chained to a stake behind the building. They wouldn’t really burn him. Would they? 

These short gay erotica tales contain a kinky mix of role-play, peril play, bondage, fire play, forced smoking, sex, domination, breath control, drowning peril, and fun.

Meat Land

by H. K. Kiting

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Stan starts his Meat Land adventure in a tub of depilatory liquid. He’s sought out a dark fantasy, to be meat for a group of men. Of course, they wouldn’t really cook and eat him. Would they? 

Once he’s smooth and clean, they move on to the next phase. Stan is tied up and put into a giant cauldron of water. As the temperature rises, he’s subjected to near drowning and near hanging. They rescue him, only to subject him to something worse. 

Will Stan survive his kinky adventure in Meat Land? 

Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, bondage, peril play, drowning play, choking, and fire play.

Another Gig on the Side

by H. K. Kiting

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After “A Gig on the Side,” Steve is back in the club to recruit another model for an extreme photo shoot. This time he hires Trent, who dances onstage as Rawhide Randy, wooing him with the promise of a large cash payment for a few hours work. 

When Steve and his assistant Mike get Trent to an abandoned warehouse, it all seems okay until they get Trent chained and helpless. Then it’s no longer up to Trent at all when they subject him to breath control and forced orgasms. 

Can Trent perform sufficiently to meet the quota that Steve and Mike have set? What will happen if he doesn’t? 

Find out in this gay adult tale of sex, breath control, bondage, fire play, and peril play.

Monolith Camp

by H. K. Kiting

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Luke leaves his identity behind and signs up for a weekend at Monolith Camp. Reduced to being Prisoner X37, Luke’s muscle is put to the test with heavy exercise and stress-position bondage. Not to mention a little fear play around the bonfire. He’s not deprived of sexual release, but when and how he gets off is taken out of his hands.

Then on the final morning, Luke finds out the meaning of the stone monolith sculptures that give the camp its name when he wakes up to the sound of a cement mixer running.

Will Luke survive his adventure in the camp? Find out in this gay adult tale of extreme bondage, endurance, forced workouts, peril play, fire play, and sex.

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