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My Date with Santa [Audiobook]

my-date-with-santa-audioby Dean Chills

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When Tom heads to the grocery store in the middle of a blizzard, he comes home with more than he bargained for. Chris, the store’s Santa Claus, is a major hunk in disguise. Tom invites him over after work for a little sexy fun. He doesn’t know that Tom has a fully-equipped dungeon play space for BDSM torments. At least not until he finds himself tied spread-eagle to eyebolts in the ceiling.

Listen along as Tom tells the story of how he and Santa hit it off- and get it off, in this gay tale of BDSM. Choking, bagging, breathplay, oral sex, and masturbation are featured, so beware if you don’t enjoy the kinkier side of Christmas.

My Turn in the Barrel [Audiobook]

My Turn in the Barrel Audio 2400x2400by H. K. Kiting

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A sexual Slave, typing while restrained in an airtight chamber, must write a narrative of the day’s events before his air runs out. Can he focus enough to carry out his assignment? Master, a wealthy and powerful man, took him to a construction site earlier and subjected him to the most complete bondage imaginable: cement encasement. Once Slave was helpless, he was just an object to be used by Master to satisfy his sexual needs. He thought that Master was done tormenting him for the day, but it turns out a Slave’s duty is never really over.

Can Slave complete his task in time? Even if he does, will Master save him? This gay adult tale contains peril play, breath control, masturbation, forced oral sex, and over-the-top bondage.

Rick and Owen Get Hitched [Audiobook]

Rick and Owen Get Hitched AUDIO 2400x2400 by Dean Chills

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In book six of the series, Rick and Owen have decided to cap their vacation together in St. Augustine by getting married on the way home. They work out the details, and prepare for the big day. They still have a few days to play on the beach, and Owen has always fantasized about being buried alive…

Whether it’s being buried on the beach or tied to a footstool and bagged, these guys never miss an opportunity for some action– Even when there are unwelcome visitors!

Between bouts of bondage, Rick and Owen work through their doubts and concerns about their wedding… Until Rick’s old boyfriend turns up. Will the whole thing fall apart?

Warning : Contains Male-on-male oral sex, Burial, Mutual masturbation, and adult situations.

The Warehouse 1: Packed Away

Warehouse Packed Away 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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Drake Holland lands a job in the warehouse of an online retailer, and it isn’t anything like he expects. Instead of actual work, the boss and an assistant are more interested in kinky bondage and sex games. With just the three of them on the night shift in a huge building alone, they get into all kinds of fun in this series of stand-alone tales.

In Volume 1, Drake meets Roy and Gregory for the first time. It’s not an interview so much as an audition as Drake puts himself in the hands of his new boss and co-worker. They start him out in packaging, where they have a crate that’s just the right size for a new employee. With the air running out and barely able to move, Drake must get himself off in time to pass the test.

Find out how things turn out in this short m/m/m tale of peril play, masturbation, bondage, and breath control.

Bear and Chaser Go to the Pool

by Dean Chills

When Martin goes to visit Paul at his home, he has no idea what to expect. When Paul invites him into the backyard and the very private pool, he starts to get an inkling of what Paul wants.

What will these two very different guys find that they have in common? Could there be danger involved? Find out in this erotic gay tale of underwater masturbation, breath control, and anal sex. Who knows what goes on behind the privacy fence?

Book two in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

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Bear and Chaser Go to the Lake

by Dean Chills


Martin’s been looking forward to a relaxing evening at the local lake. He’s worked long and hard today, and all he wants is a relaxing swim once the crowd has gone home.

When an overweight balding man speaks to Martin, he doesn’t really know what to make of the older man’s advances. When the man introduces himself and they go into the water, he soon finds out what the man had in mind.

Will this be a one-evening encounter, or will these two hit it off? Find out in this erotic gay tale of underwater oral and manual sex, breath control, and sex, hidden from the other beachgoers.

Book one in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

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