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Writing and Publishing Erotica 18: Book Cover Art and Opposite Genders

51IreiDgFeLThis week we tackle a couple of interesting topics:
1. A reader wrote in asking us to critique his cover of “Janko’s Gym” and discuss whether or not we like drawings or photos for our covers. We decided that he was very talented, but the drawing was probably inappropriate for an erotica. We liked his book though.


2. Another reader phoned in a question asking how we write from the opposite sex or gender’s point of view.


3. We introduce our plan for an erotica REVIEW podcast. Details will be coming soon, contact us if you’d like your book to be reviewed on the show. SexyFic@gmail.com


Janko’s Gym: http://amzn.to/1A75GfP
Henry’s Tumblr: http://lovingair.tumblr.com
Dean’s Tumblr: http://sexyfic.tumblr.com

Riding the Tide

Riding the Tide 1563x2500

By H. K. Kiting

Buy now from Amazon

A year after their erotic adventure in “Private Beach,” Matt and Shane are back in action, this time with their friend Jackson. 

Promising them something extreme for their first anniversary, Jackson buries them neck deep in the path of the incoming tide. Then their friend uses them and torments them as the water rises. 

How far will he let things go? 

Find out in this gay adult tale of romance, sex, bondage, choking, sand burial and peril play.

Blind Man’s Bluff

by H. K. Kiting

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Nathan brings Colin home blindfolded for an afternoon of sexy fun without the use of his eyes. What Colin doesn’t know is that Nathan’s identical twin Sam is silently waiting for them to arrive. 

Once things get rolling, the brothers switch off with Colin completely unaware that he’s being tag teamed. Then when they have him tied up, the plastic bags come out. 

Find out how things turn out in their hot two-on-one playtime. 

This gay adult tale contains sex, bondage, and intense breath control.

The Luckiest Man: Jake’s Sexual Adventures

The Luckiest Man 200x300by H. K. Kiting

Buy now from Amazon

Follow the sexual adventures of Jake Hobson, a very lucky man indeed.

During a wild job interview, he learns how to pleasure six women simultaneously.

Forced to walk for help in the desert when his car breaks down, he stumbles across a diner where two waitresses are keeping the counter very warm. He takes over with one of them, while the other enjoys the show.

Picked up from the diner by a tow truck, the powerful and dominating driver Melissa makes a side trip for some kinky fun. Tied up and helpless, he learns what it means to submit completely to a woman.

Finally, Jake gets to make love to the gorgeous gym owner that he’s been dating. She’s been reluctant to get intimate, but when she does she doesn’t hold anything back. She gets Jake helpless and has her way with him.

This volume contains the previous solo books:
* Jake’s Job: The Sexiest Interview Ever
* Jake’s Diner: A Very Hot Lunch!
* Jakes Tow: Danger in the Desert

And the brand new story written especially for this volume:
* Jake’s Workout: Helpless in the Gym.

These straight adult stories (with a little woman-on-woman action too) contain sex with multiple partners, oral sex, masturbation, bondage, choking, peril play and overwhelming orgasms.

Find out for yourself why Jake is “The Luckiest Man.”

More Danger in the Barn

More Danger in the BarnMore Danger in the Barn

by H. K. Kiting


Buy now from Amazon .

Keith and Toby are falling in love and discovering how much they are both into kink. After some rough play in the barn, they didn’t get their fill of erotic fun. The next day they’re at it again, taking advantage of having the farm to themselves.

When Barry shows up unexpectedly and catches them in the act, things get even wilder.

Will the newcomer join in, or push the young men even further than they’d push each other?

Find out in this this gay adult tale. It’s a standalone story, also the immediate sequel to Danger in the Barn by H. K. Kiting.

Contains gay sex, bondage, nooseplay, breath control and peril play.

Deep In Love

Deep In LoveDeep In Love by H. K. Kiting

Buy now from Amazon in Paperback or for your Kindle

Mike never dreamed he’d be in a three-way relationship until he met Steve and Jason.

One day, the two of them decide to team up on Mike for some bondage and breath control sex. After the choking and forced breath holding are over, the duo dares Mike to give them something so extreme that they beg for it to be over.

Little do they know that Mike already has a box built for two and the perfect spot to bury it in the backyard.

Later that afternoon when he has them tied up together underground, just how far will he push his lovers? Will he make them beg, and if they do, will he end it or keep going?

Find out in this adult tale of head bagging, gay sex, peril play, bondage, forced breath holds, and hand strangling.


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