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Shiftland Tales Vol. 1 Tentacles [Audiobook]

Shiftland Tales 1 Audiobookby H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills

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No one knows what really happened on that summer day a year ago, but the world has gone straight to Hell since.

Matt, Johnny, Kent, and Steve have made their way through the Midwestern Wasteland to an abandoned farmhouse that looks almost too good to be true. The kitchen is fully-stocked, and the locks on the doors will hold against intruders. The men settle in for the first good night’s sleep they’ve had in months. They don’t get it.

Mixing their distinctive style of breath control and encasement erotica with more than a little horror, H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills return with a new collaboration. These two short stories build a new world, where sex and death can be one and the same.

These two stories feature breath control, encasement, peril play, oral, anal (and other!) gay sex.

BMX Boys

BMX Boys 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting and Dean Chills

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The authors who brought you the Tales From The Compound and Rick And Owen series join forces to create a tale that will leave you breathless.

When Steve’s boss sends him to interview the famous BMX biker, Kyle Fitzsimmons, Steve admits he doesn’t know anything about the sport. He goes anyway, and the two of them decide to complete their interview in Kyle’s lavish apartment

Before long, he discovers that he has a lot more in common with Kyle than he ever imagined, and the two of them end up in the shower. After some kinky play in the water, they head to the living room for more fun. Kyle gets out leather cuffs, puts on a motorcycle helmet, and things really start to get carried away…

Check out this hot gay tale of extreme breath control, oral sex, and peril play.


Rick and Owen Get Hitched [Audiobook]

Rick and Owen Get Hitched AUDIO 2400x2400 by Dean Chills

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In book six of the series, Rick and Owen have decided to cap their vacation together in St. Augustine by getting married on the way home. They work out the details, and prepare for the big day. They still have a few days to play on the beach, and Owen has always fantasized about being buried alive…

Whether it’s being buried on the beach or tied to a footstool and bagged, these guys never miss an opportunity for some action– Even when there are unwelcome visitors!

Between bouts of bondage, Rick and Owen work through their doubts and concerns about their wedding… Until Rick’s old boyfriend turns up. Will the whole thing fall apart?

Warning : Contains Male-on-male oral sex, Burial, Mutual masturbation, and adult situations.

Bear and Chaser Go to the Party

by Dean Chills

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When Martin goes to the much-anticipated pool party at Paul’s house, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into. When one gay couple after another arrives, he quickly becomes overwhelmed. What he didn’t realize, was that this group of far-flung fetishists all enjoy breath control and have all gotten to know each other already on an Internet group.

Martin’s bound to learn something tonight as he gets a few new experiences. Follow along his journey in this erotic gay tale of underwater masturbation, breath control, and oral sex. Who knows what goes on in the deep end of the pool?

Features many cameos by characters from other Dean Chills novels. There’s a burly cop and his furry husband, two mature friends from Virginia Beach, a young male prostitute from Texas, a guy with a scuba tank, as well as two mysterious writers from Ohio.

Book three in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

Bear and Chaser Go to the Lake

by Dean Chills


Martin’s been looking forward to a relaxing evening at the local lake. He’s worked long and hard today, and all he wants is a relaxing swim once the crowd has gone home.

When an overweight balding man speaks to Martin, he doesn’t really know what to make of the older man’s advances. When the man introduces himself and they go into the water, he soon finds out what the man had in mind.

Will this be a one-evening encounter, or will these two hit it off? Find out in this erotic gay tale of underwater oral and manual sex, breath control, and sex, hidden from the other beachgoers.

Book one in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

Tales from the Compound 4: Randy in the Restaurant

by H. K. Kiting

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Master Aries holds dominion over The Compound, an all-male brothel thirty minutes from Las Vegas, where a gay man can have nearly any fantasy fulfilled. In this series, he recounts short tales of the visits by his clients. Some like things vanilla, and some like them extremely kinky. No man leaves unsatisfied… 

In Volume 4, Master Aries goes by his alias “Aaron” and meets Randy for dinner at a simulated restaurant within The Compound. Aaron only has a basic idea of the role-play that Randy has in mind, and just goes along as things unfold. Once the meal is served, the action starts under the table and gets wilder from there. Aaron ends up experiencing a dinner unlike any that he’s ever had before. 

Enjoy this short m/m tale of hot messy sex, role-play, and food play.

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