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Held for Bondage: James Becomes a Slave Boy [Audiobook]

By A. J. Moor : Narrated by H. K. Kiting

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(Not published by SexyFic, but narrated by our own H. K. Kiting)

What if your possibility for love rested on lessons you could only learn from a gay BDSM master?

James’ girlfriend broke his heart, but he’s soon to meet the man of his dreams.

James is a sexy, 21 year old college student with a problem. While he can get any girl on campus to have sex with him, he can never convince them to commit.

All that changes when he meets Mitch, a tall, muscular Russian guy with a taste for gay BDSM romance that will leave him breathless and begging for more. In Mitch’s world, there are dungeons with torches lining the wall, St. Andrew’s Crosses waiting for bondage, lots of kinky devices to make sub happy and craving the next bondage experience.

And as James moves further and further into that world, playing Mitch’s naughty gay BDSM erotica games as a slave, he finds he’s falling further and further in love with his new master.

Will James and Mitch form a bond that goes beyond carnal sex play between two men?

Find out what happens now.

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