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Dying for the Demon

by Dean Chills

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Elizabeth cannot help but summon Abel for a third and final time. He takes her to an exotic beach, then to a remote cave. They have more impossibly wonderful sex in both places, leading up to a fateful decision. Elizabeth has had a fantastic three days, but is she willing to die for more? 

Find out in this straight erotic tale of an Incubus and the woman who has fallen desperately in love with him. 

Book 3 of the “Demon Trilogy”

Dueling for the Demon

by Dean Chills

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On Elizabeth’s second night with the Demon, Abel needs her help. She must battle the small but powerful witch who wants to destroy him. The battle goes poorly for Elizabeth until Abel is forced to intervene with the only power he has… that of pleasure and delight. 

Will she go too far in this fight? Will she even survive the ordeal? Is it love all around, or will there be a funeral? Find out in this erotic tale of sex and warfare in the realms of Hell itself. 

Book 2 of the “Demon Trilogy”

Dealing with the Demon

by Dean Chills

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When Elizabeth bought her sister a decorative box at a garage sale, she had no idea that it contained a secret. When she accidentally summons a pleasure demon, she’s surprised that he doesn’t scare her. Then he really turns on the charm and things get completely out of control. 

Will Elizabeth lose her soul or just have a good time? Find out in this straight erotic tale of what goes on between a woman and her Incubus. 

Book 1 of the “Demon Trilogy”

Diving for Diana

By Dean Chills

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When Diana came into my pool right before closing time, I was disappointed at first; I was hoping to go home after a long evening of lifeguarding. When she came over to me, rubbed my leg and asked if the two of us could stay late, she had me hooked.

She brought in a scuba tank and went to the deep end. I didn’t have any equipment, but I joined her at the bottom of the pool. Then she showed me what she had in mind. Would we both get off before the air tank ran out?

This short, hot tale of underwater sex, peril play, and breath control will turn you on until the air runs out.


Soon to be Single

by Dean Chills

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I should have known my new bride was up to something when she insisted we take our honeymoon alone on a cabin cruiser in the Caribbean. I wanted to go to Europe, but no, it had to be a cruise. 

I was the one who suggested we go snorkeling, and I was the one who initiated sex underwater. Little did I know that she was playing a far more serious game. Is she a “Black Widow,” soon to be single again? 

This short tale of underwater sex, near-drowning, and fun in the Caribbean sun includes heterosexual normal and manual sex and peril play.

Grace Under Water

by Dean Chills

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Introducing SexyFic Shorts, a new line of eBook-only erotic tales that are short and get straight to the action. These are generally around half the length of our regular eroticas, but are specifically written for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. By subscribing to Amazon’s KU system, you can download all the SexyFic Shorts at no charge.

I met Grace in the fetish chatroom. She convinced me to come to her penthouse apartment and let her do bad things to me. I didn’t realize at the time that she wanted bad things done to her as well, but I was OK with both of those ideas.

I arrived to learn that Grace was the wife of the city’s drug kingpin, and he was out of town. That should have tipped me off that something was wrong, but when I saw the balcony, with its pool and hot tub, I was tempted. Then I saw Grace herself, and there was no turning back.

This short, 4000-word, tale of breath control and fun in the hot tub includes heterosexual manual sex and forced dunking.

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