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The Blackout Club [Audio Book]

blackout-club-audiobookby H. K. Kiting

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What happens when two housemates discover they are both into bondage and breath control? Keith is home alone one night having some self-bondage play in the tub that gets out of hand. Luckily, Nathan comes home just in the nick of time. A rescue leads to more kinky fun and romance.

Nathan wants to take Keith for an initiation to The Blackout Club at the end of the week. Details are hush-hush, but Keith is a willing participant. Or is he to be a victim? When he’s taken to the secret location and the chains come out beside the swimming pool, Keith begins to wonder: Just how far will Nathan and the other club members push their potential member?

This gay adult tale contains sex, bondage, breath control, peril play, and fun underwater.

Darwin’s Dominatrix [Audiobook]

darwins-dominatrix-1-audio-2400x2400by Dean Chills

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Darwin’s been working the online chatrooms, and he thinks he’s found a winner. Stacy is a professional Dominatrix, or so she claims. After an online correspondence and quick meetup, the two go back to Stacy’s suburban home for a “trial run.”

Darwin has told Stacy that his fantasy involves breath holding and water, and he’s not sure what she has in mind until she shows him her large secluded in-ground swimming pool… and a bag of bondage toys.

How far will these two go? Will Darwin even survive the weekend, much less have a good time? Find out in this short tale of bondage, breath control, sex, and peril play.

Bear and Chaser Go to the Party

by Dean Chills

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When Martin goes to the much-anticipated pool party at Paul’s house, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into. When one gay couple after another arrives, he quickly becomes overwhelmed. What he didn’t realize, was that this group of far-flung fetishists all enjoy breath control and have all gotten to know each other already on an Internet group.

Martin’s bound to learn something tonight as he gets a few new experiences. Follow along his journey in this erotic gay tale of underwater masturbation, breath control, and oral sex. Who knows what goes on in the deep end of the pool?

Features many cameos by characters from other Dean Chills novels. There’s a burly cop and his furry husband, two mature friends from Virginia Beach, a young male prostitute from Texas, a guy with a scuba tank, as well as two mysterious writers from Ohio.

Book three in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

Bear and Chaser Go to the Pool

by Dean Chills

When Martin goes to visit Paul at his home, he has no idea what to expect. When Paul invites him into the backyard and the very private pool, he starts to get an inkling of what Paul wants.

What will these two very different guys find that they have in common? Could there be danger involved? Find out in this erotic gay tale of underwater masturbation, breath control, and anal sex. Who knows what goes on behind the privacy fence?

Book two in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

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The Escapists

A beautiful prisonerby H. K. Kiting

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Morgan and Jasper are professional escape artists whose famous underwater act is the highlight of the show. During an afternoon of practice and play, their friend Micah joins them. What starts out as fun quickly takes on a dangerous turn when the men are put in the water tank with no possible way to escape.

When things turn into a three-way session of peril play, will everyone escape in time?

Find out how far things will go in this gay adult tale of romance, bondage, sex, breath control, and drowning peril.


Bear and Chaser Go to the Lake

by Dean Chills


Martin’s been looking forward to a relaxing evening at the local lake. He’s worked long and hard today, and all he wants is a relaxing swim once the crowd has gone home.

When an overweight balding man speaks to Martin, he doesn’t really know what to make of the older man’s advances. When the man introduces himself and they go into the water, he soon finds out what the man had in mind.

Will this be a one-evening encounter, or will these two hit it off? Find out in this erotic gay tale of underwater oral and manual sex, breath control, and sex, hidden from the other beachgoers.

Book one in the new series “Bear and Chaser.”

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