The Artist 5: Wired

The Artist 5 Wired 1563x2500by H. K. Kiting

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The Adam Seville Studio is a small place in New York that holds private showings, by invitation only, of the latest work by the artist. Not satisfied with the typical materials used in the art world, Adam incorporates living men into his pieces. It’s interactive, sensual work that sometimes makes the models wonder if they are a permanent part of the exhibit.

In Volume 5 of this series of stand-alone stories, Connor is now living with a listless Adam who seems to have lost his passion for art. Then Adam realizes what he needs is one last exhibit – with himself as the model and Connor as the artist. Wire bondage and plastic coverage make for a beautiful scene.

Enjoy this short m/m tale of domination, peril play, sex, bondage, and breath control.

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