The Bunker

The Bunker 1563x2500 188x300

By H. K. Kiting

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Jason and Ricky are soldiers in a secret relationship with one problem. Ricky wants out of the relationship because he doesn’t think that Jason can be enough of a top. Ricky wants it rough and kinky. 

So when they are packing for leave, Jason decides to turn the tables on Ricky and show him what he’s capable of. He bundles Ricky up and smuggles him to the decommissioned bunker on the other side of the camp. Once inside, Jason puts an interrogation room to full use, going all out on his lover with bondage and breath control. 

No one knows where they are, and no one can hear Ricky call for help. Will Jason take things too far in his quest to impress Ricky? 

Find out in this gay adult tale of domination, romance, bondage, peril play, suffocation and sex.

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