The Funhouse

The Funhouse 200x300 200x300

By H. K. Kiting

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Erotica meets horror in this latest tale by H. K. Kiting. Entering a mysterious funhouse that no one else can see, Sam is locked in darkness that se

ems to stretch in all directions. His host, Dagon, appears. Stripped, chained, and tormented, Sam loses all control of the situation. 

Dagon mercilessly subjects Sam to nipple play and edging that crosses over from pleasure into pain and back again. Using breath control and other tortuous methods, Dagon keeps Sam going for as long as he chooses to do so. 

When the illuminating fire flares up high, just how far will Dagon push his captive? 

Find out this horror-tinged gay erotica with sex, bondage, breath control, peril play, fire play, deprivation, and release.

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