The Luckiest Man: Jake’s Sexual Adventures

The Luckiest Man 200x300by H. K. Kiting

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Follow the sexual adventures of Jake Hobson, a very lucky man indeed.

During a wild job interview, he learns how to pleasure six women simultaneously.

Forced to walk for help in the desert when his car breaks down, he stumbles across a diner where two waitresses are keeping the counter very warm. He takes over with one of them, while the other enjoys the show.

Picked up from the diner by a tow truck, the powerful and dominating driver Melissa makes a side trip for some kinky fun. Tied up and helpless, he learns what it means to submit completely to a woman.

Finally, Jake gets to make love to the gorgeous gym owner that he’s been dating. She’s been reluctant to get intimate, but when she does she doesn’t hold anything back. She gets Jake helpless and has her way with him.

This volume contains the previous solo books:
* Jake’s Job: The Sexiest Interview Ever
* Jake’s Diner: A Very Hot Lunch!
* Jakes Tow: Danger in the Desert

And the brand new story written especially for this volume:
* Jake’s Workout: Helpless in the Gym.

These straight adult stories (with a little woman-on-woman action too) contain sex with multiple partners, oral sex, masturbation, bondage, choking, peril play and overwhelming orgasms.

Find out for yourself why Jake is “The Luckiest Man.”

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