Two Nights of Mardi Gras

Two Nights of Mardi Gras 200x300
By Dean Chills

When Jeff heads to Louisiana for Mardi Gras on vacation, he plans to try new things and hopefully get lucky in “The Big Easy.” He quickly learns that it’s not as easy as the name would have him believe.

But then he spots Susan, who may be the most desirable woman he’s ever laid eyes on. First her friends pull her away to go somewhere else, then her boyfriend comes home early. Will these two ever finally get together?

It’s no surprise that they do finally get some alone time, just the two of them in her hotel room. But what happened to her jealous boyfriend? Jeff went to Mardi Gras to experience new things, and he certainly does in this often hilarious tale of an unusual love triangle.

This 7300-word novelette features oral sex, straight sex, hand job, and both straight and bisexual situations.

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