Writing and Publishing Erotica 18: Book Cover Art and Opposite Genders

51IreiDgFeLThis week we tackle a couple of interesting topics:
1. A reader wrote in asking us to critique his cover of “Janko’s Gym” and discuss whether or not we like drawings or photos for our covers. We decided that he was very talented, but the drawing was probably inappropriate for an erotica. We liked his book though.


2. Another reader phoned in a question asking how we write from the opposite sex or gender’s point of view.


3. We introduce our plan for an erotica REVIEW podcast. Details will be coming soon, contact us if you’d like your book to be reviewed on the show. SexyFic@gmail.com


Janko’s Gym: http://amzn.to/1A75GfP
Henry’s Tumblr: http://lovingair.tumblr.com
Dean’s Tumblr: http://sexyfic.tumblr.com
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