Episode 1: Introductions and Goals

SexyFicPodcastWriting and Publishing Erotica Podcast

with Dean Chills and H. K. Kiting

Join erotica authors Dean Chills and H. K. Kiting for a look at writing and self-publishing issues. They are known for their erotica stories, but much of what they say goes with non-erotica writing as well. Each week, they’ll explore a topic related to creative writing, the business of publishing, or just something interesting.


Episode 1: Introductions


  • Names and how we chose them Why did you choose it?

  • What have you written, do you specialize in anything?

  • What would like to be doing in a year?

  • Where do you publish? Which is easiest, which is hardest?

  • Do you publish all your titles at all the locations?

  • How did that work out?

  • What’s the greatest challenge you have in writing erotica?

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